Shi Mei 梅石

Vice President of OCAA
Member of the Portrait Society of America
Member of American Oil Painting Association

Shi Mei (formerly called Helishi Mei)
Education Background:
Central Academy of Fine Arts
Design management training, the University of New South Wales +Central Academy of Fine Arts
MBA, University of Economics

2022, MeiShi won the second place for the best artist works of the "American Art Awards" in 2022.
2022, MeiShi will be awarded the Gold Medal of the National Educator by the "Young Artists and Writers of America".
2022 "Harvest Art Exhibition" in the United States.
2021, Oregon, USA, "Annual Art Exhibition".
2020, Won the Silver Medal of the National Educator of the "American Young Artists and Writers Alliance".
2018 Hawaiian Bayview Golf Gourse large decorative mural design
2017 Received a exclusive interview from “China’s Art Exhibition” in the program of “exclusive interview with famous Mei Shi painting exhibition”.
2017.11.12-15 Invited to be a judge in the “18th Beijing youth academic speech contest”.
2017.9.15 Awarded as “the top ten leaders in Chinese art design in 2017”, and Master Mast Brand was named as “the top 10 most valuable brands in China's brand design industry in 2017”.
2017.7.22 Holding a exhibition in Toronto, Canada..
2017.7 Further studying in Academy of Arts, Sheridan College in Canada.
2017 Serving as a judge in the “The World Earth Day” painting contest.
2016.5.7-9 Holding a exhibition in Toronto, Canada.
2016.5.3-5 Holding the “luan” exhibition in Canada.
22016 Leading the students to take part in the 9th International University Student Multimedia Web Page Competition in Quebec University and won the second class prize.
2016 Awarded the “2012-2015 digital popularization contribution award”.
2015 Invited by Beijing Science and Technology Association to be one of the judges in “Beijing Youth Academic Speech Contest”. Find more in the link below:
2016 Being a judge in the painting contest of “The World Earth Day”.
2015 Rated as “2014 China's outstanding innovation entrepreneur” by “China Productivity Association”.
2014 Named as “Top 10 honest people in the painting design industry in Chengshang China”.
2014 Awarded the Best Design Award in the Person of the Year of Brand Chinese Culture and Art Industry.
2014 Chosen as 2014 top 10 outstanding innovators in Chinese brand design industry in the national industry influential people (brand) large-scale activity:
2014 Chosen as one of China's 2014 non-public economic innovation figures, and reported in the fifth issue of the “CC forum”. Here is the relevant links:
2013 Taking port in the Song Zhuang personal painting design exhibition.
2012 Invited to design the VI for the Hong Kong bank of China tower new property.
22011 Awarded the Award of Excellence in the Logo design competition held by Beijing Media Network.
2011 Receiving the China design biennial awards
2010 Awarded the China's top ten brand designers.
2008 Awarded as one of the China's top 10 corporate image design institutions.
2008.10 Drawing a portrait for Mr. Li ka-shing in Hongkong at the invitation of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.
2008.5 Being responsible for designing the China Pavilion in the 33th Norway international geological conference.
2006.8 Awar

Person web:

原名:梅赫理石, 英文名:ShiMei


2022年 荣获“美国青年艺术家与作家联盟”教育家金奖。
2022年 荣获《American Art Awards》2022年度最好艺术家作品第二名。
2022年 美国《收获画展》
2021年 美国《年度画展》
2020年 荣获“美国青年艺术家与作家联盟”全国教育家银奖。
2017年 获得《2017中国艺术设计领域十大领军人物》
2017年 《The World Earth Day 世界地球日》绘画比赛评委。
2017年 7月 22日加拿大多伦多画展。
2016年 《The World Earth Day 世界地球日》绘画比赛评委。
2016年 获得《2012-2015年数字科普贡献奖》
2016年 5月3-5日加拿大鲁安画展。
2016年 5月7-9日加拿大多伦多画展。
2014年 品牌中国 文化艺术行业年度人物——最佳设计奖
2014年 中国创新人物 入选《CC讲坛》第五期
2014年 全国杰出人物 评为: 2014中国品牌设计行业十大杰出创新人物
2014年 诚商中国—美术设计行业十大诚信品牌
2013年 北京个人绘画设计展
2012年 油画《Dream of Mount Everest梦回珠穆朗玛》被IUGS国际地质
科学联合会(International Union of Geological Sciences)收藏
2012年 应邀设计香港中银大厦新中VI设计
2011年 获中国设计双年奖
2010年 中国十佳品牌设计师称号
2008年 10月应长江商学院之邀为香港李嘉诚先生画肖像
2005年 北京奔驰汽车VI品牌全套形象设计
2004年 ¬佛罗伦萨天使古堡展出巨幅壁画《丝绸之路》
1995年 《95电脑美术展》《交流》《布达拉宫》分获一等奖和优秀奖
1993年 《中国首届电脑美术展》获一等奖、二等奖



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