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2007, founding meeting
2007, founding meeting

Oregon Chinese Artist Association (OCAA)


We are a group of Chinese Artists based in Portland, Oregon. As an art organization, Our propose is to create artworks that not only reflect on the traditional values in Chinese culture and art, also encourage artistic creativity and innovation by learning from and respect to all cultures around. We look at art as a unique way to communicate and connect all types of people without boundaries, we are hoping to bring high quality entertainments through our works of art to local communities and beyond.

Population Served

the organization started 15 years ago by a group of professional and amateur Chinese artists live in Oregon who share a similar culture background. The association is consisted with artists with not only conventional mediums such as painting in oil, watercolor, acrylic, woodblock print, sculptures, photographers, also in many unique Chinese traditional art forms such as Chinese scroll painters, Chinese calligraphers, puppet maker and performers, Peking Opera actor and actress, authentic musical instruments players, ethnic singers and dancers, paper cutting artists, drummers, Chinese Lion dancers, Chinese martial art master. also, art related professionals such as art teachers, architectures designers, mural artists.
By organizing and participating in shows and cultural events, OCAA is intent to provide serve non-discriminatorily to everyone who are interest in and open to art and culture they can identified with or feel different to their own.

Client needs and projects

Besides helping our artists connecting to each other, share ideas and information, finding opportunities to promote their artworks, especially for those who are older and luck of fluency in English language, social and communication skills. OCAA has been making efforts to organize group shows and finding ravenous for that, provide assistance in making connections to galleries, review and translate artist's resumes .... For now, we are doing everything voluntarily, as a organization, we are very limited in terms of reaching out and making impacts beyond the local Chinese community. as new comers, we are proud of our rich artistic and cultural heritage, eager to share it with the rest of our society, through our efforts in art, we are hoping to make our states a multicultural home for everyone coexisted peacefully together.

Current Board Members

Tie Li (李铁),

David E (俄广才),

Steve Chen (陈文仕),

Shi Mei (梅石),

Limei Lai (赖丽梅)

Original Report from Chinese Times, 8/3/2007

群英薈萃 以文會友 促進文化藝術交流


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Oregon Chinese Artist Association (OCAA)


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