Wen Wang 汪文

Ms. Wang earned her BFA from the Music Department of the Nanjing School of Fine Arts. She also has an MBA from Long Island University in New York. Her training in painting began as a child in her hometown Nantong, Jiangsu Province.

For the last decade she has focused her artistic direction and has rigorously practiced under the mentorship of Shanghai’s meticulous brush painting master Zhang Ruigen, and the promising talent of Ms. Ma Xiaoxing in Nanjing. Both painters are specialists in the Song style of line color painting called Gongbi Hua. Ms. Wang was a participant in the Shanghai Traditional Painting Seminar and the Nanjing Flower and Bird Song Dynasty Style Painting Seminar.

Wang Wen has lived and painted full time in Portland for the last six years. She fell in love with the charms of the city and the enchanting natural environment. Ms. Wang has been thrilled and inspired by the local wealth of flowers, grasses, trees, birds and more. In the years ahead she intends to bring her artistic focus to bear on the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest.



1998 纽约中国民歌音乐会, 担任女声独唱
1999 林肯中心音乐厅,马友友东方之光音乐会,担任女声独唱
2014 上海画家迎新年美术作品展
2015 上海画家迎新年美术作品展
2016 上海画家迎新年美术作品展
2016 第七届上海中福海派扇面小品书画展
2017 上海画家迎新年美术作品展
2017 写生中国女子画会年度展
2017 第八届上海中福海派扇面小品书画展
2018 第九届上海中福海派扇面小品书画展
2018 闳约深美南京艺术学院校友美术作品展
2019 第十届上海中福海派扇面小品书画展
2020 第十一届上海中福海派扇面小品书画展
2021 俄勒冈中国艺术家协会2021艺术作品展
2022 俄勒冈华人艺术作品展
2022 Oregon Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts
2022 “和”书画艺术展