Gui-Fang Tang 汤桂芳

Member of OCAA
  1. From 2003 to 2014, she taught Chinese meticulous painting at two teaching sites in the southeast area of the Portland Chinese Service Center and in Beaverton.
  2. Since 2004, Portland Asia Pacific Cultural Activities Month is held every May. The Chinese Center organizes an annual teacher-student calligraphy and painting exhibition. The calligraphy and painting exhibition has been held for 10 sessions in total, and the album has been published four times.
  3. In October 2005, Portland Southeast Community College (PCC) organized an art exhibition for Luo Jian and Tang Guifang.
  4. Teaching and exhibitions at the Portland Chinese Center are sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Oregon Cultural Arts Association.
  5. March 2018-2020. Invited to hold Chinese painting lectures in three libraries (Midland, Holgate and Woodstock Library) in Southeast Portland.
  6. From 2018 to 2019, she participated in the annual Lake Oswego Festival of Art twice, and won the Blue Ribbon Award both times.

Before coming to the United States, Gui-Fang was an associate professor of the Physics Department of Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu, Sichuan, and the vice president of the University for the Elderly. In the 1980s and 1990s, she studied modern meticulous flower and bird painting under the tutelage of Mr. Wu Duan in Chengdu for many years. During this period, he often participated in provincial and municipal calligraphy and painting exhibitions. She came to Portland in 2002. The Luo Jiantang/Tang Guifang Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition was held at the 2003 Lunar New Year Festival. After the exhibition, the ChinCese Center invited her to teach painting.


  1. 2003-2014 在波特兰华人服务中心东南区和比佛顿两处教学点教中国工笔画。
  2. 从2004年起,每年五月波特兰亚太文化活动月。华人中心都筹办一年一次的师生书画展。书画展一共办了 10届,出画册四次。
  3. 2005年10月,波特兰市东南区社区大学(PCC)为罗健,汤桂芳组织了一次画展。
  4. 在波特兰华人中心的教学及展览得到美国国家艺术基金会,俄勒冈州文化艺术协会的经费赞助。
  5. 2018-2020年3月.在波特兰东南区三个图书馆(Midland, Holgate and Woodstock Library) 受邀举办中国画讲座。
  6. 2018-2019两次参加湖区搿年一次的艺术节(Lake Oswego Festival of Art), 两次都获得蓝带奖。

來美前是四川成都西南交大物理系副教授、老年大学 副校長。上世纪八九十年代在成都師從伍端老師学习現代工筆花鳥画多年,期間經常參加省、市书画展览,曾是四川省省直机关老年书画協会常务理事。2002年來波特兰,2003年年宵会上举办了罗健汤桂芳书画展,画展后华人中心邀请去教画。