Tie Li 李鐵

President of OCAA.
Tie is graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, China.
He received MFA at University of San Diego, USA, and taught there for a while before moving to Portland.
He has held many solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions.

Li Tie was born in Beijing, China and now lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He works primarily in charcoal, oil and mixed media and his favorite subjects are human faces, history, culture, and nature.

While many artists find their "style" and stick with it, Li Tie enjoys exploring all kinds of themes - people, places, the natural world, interesting concepts, using different media.

Please enjoy perusing the various themes and styles in the tabs below his name.

Person web: https://www.litiefineart.com/
畢業於中央美術學院,來美後在聖地牙哥州立學院獲得MFA,曾在該大學內任教。 多次舉辦個人畫展及參加聯展。在2007年Lake Oswego 藝術節上,油畫作品獲藍帶獎,素描作品獲藝術協會獎,色粉筆作品獲得最佳獎。

work on rice paper

Cheating game


Girl, Charcoal

three animals

sheep, eagle, and squirrel

Water Color Panels