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A huge mural in Hillsboro was created by well-known painters Wayne Chen and Tie Li

(Comprehensive Report) Tie Li and Wayne Chen, president and member of the Oregon Chinese Artists Association, respectively, painted the huge mural "Together we have a bright future" together. The project was finished on August 28, 2023. 

The center of Hillsboro is where this enormous mural, 25 meters long and 3.5 meters high, is situated. Numerous locals and visitors have come to see it, and it has since transformed into a stunning new local scene.

This huge artwork can be found at M & M Marketplace, which is located at 346 SW Walnut Street in Hillsboro, Oregon.


(綜合報導)由俄勒岡中國藝術家協會著名畫家李鐵、陳永雄,雙強聯手的巨幅宣傳壁畫「讓我們一起創造更光明的未來」(Together we have a bright future)的繪製工作,於8月28日圓滿結束。




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The 60th Lake Oswego Art Festival ended successfully. Several of our artists won awards

Portland Chinese Time,  06/28/2023

(Photographic report by our reporter, Guangcai E) The opening ceremony and awards ceremony of the 2023 Lake Oswego Art Festival were held last Saturday morning. A number of works by Li Tie (the president of the Oregon Chinese Artists Association), Chen Wenshi (the vice president), and Tang Guifang ( the director), were exhibited at this year's art festival.

Chen Wenshi's engraving work "Chicken Flock" won the highest award of the year, the "Best Work Award,"  Li Tie's oil painting "Night Walk" won the Blue Ribbon Award, and Tang Guifang's meticulous painting "Shuangshou Picture" won the Blue Ribbon Award. Jeanne Denton, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Lake Oswego Art Festival, presented them with certificates and prize money.


陳文仕版畫作品《雞群》獲得了本年度最高獎項「最佳作品獎」;李鐵油畫作品《夜行》獲得藍帶獎;湯桂芳工筆畫《雙壽圖》獲得藍帶獎。奧斯威戈湖市藝術節執行委員會副主席Jeanne Denton為他們頒發了獎狀及獎金。

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The 2023 International Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition in Tokyo

pdxnow 2023-06-04 12:00
(Reported by our reporter Guangcai E) Sponsored by Japan International Art Research Institute, American Oregon Chinese Artists Association, Japan-China International Painting Association, New International Art Forum, Hong Kong Art Association, China International Art Union, North American Visual Art Research Association, China The opening ceremony of the 2023 "International Calligraphy and Painting Awards Exhibition" co-organized by Traditional Art Space and Tokyo Marui Art Co., Ltd. was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum on May 29, local time. 

Li Tie, President of Oregon Chinese Artists Association, and Chen Wenshi, Vice President, were invited to attend the opening ceremony。



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Funfair -- Januray 2023